Tim Hepple: The Agent That Never Was?

[Page 18] The key Searchlight operative whose career is relevant to more recent events is one Tim Hepple, about whom I have written in great detail elsewhere: though few other people have. It is a standing indictment of not just the so-called 'investigative media' but most of the left that this case is not wider known than it is. [27] In a relatively short time, he got up to virtually all the activities I have attributed to Searchlight assets above, and in so doing confirmed the antics of Gable, Hill, Hochfelder, Roberts & company were not aberrations, but integral to Searchlight's occupation of the interface between the secret state and their targets. Starting as a 'football hooligan' in the 1980's, Hepple is distinct from the others in that he actually boasted about working for MI5 directly, and claimed he had witnessed executions by British Army death squads in Northern Ireland. Even his official autobiography admitted a period in the army, but enigmatically stated "I do not wish to dwell on this experience." [28] Other of his actions include organising race riots (Dewsbury 1989), infiltrating Left-Green groups and trying to steal/access their membership lists and even petitions! At the same time, Gable approached the Green Party and tried to obtain a copy of their membership lists – he was given short shrift. [29] Along with Ray Hill (and while simultaneously infiltrating the fascist British National Party) Hepple sought to try and take over one group under heavy state pressure, the Green Anarchist magazine/collective. As part of this infiltration into the group's orbit, Hill wrote Richard Hunt, then editor, a letter dated 20/6/91. He opened by declaring he had "recently read your booklet 'The Natural Society' which was given to me by a mutual acquaintance, Tim Hepple." In a sentence of rare coherence, Hill continued that he "was very impressed with the content and any reservations which I may have are merely of detail and interpretation." I stress Hill's involvement in this operation because the 'Ostrich Left' seek to deny the significance of Hepple's activities, portraying him as a lone nut fantasist, whose activities were mostly invention, and who was working on his own account when he entered the Left. This 'lone nut' theory can in no way account for Hill's involvement: and the idea that Hill actually believed any of the rubbish published under his name in Green Anarchist 28 (Autumn 1991 pp. 14-15) is just too much – he works for a viciously anti-anarchist magazine, and neither before nor since has shown any sympathy for, or knowledge of, anarchist ideas. A 1994 article [Page 19] under his name in Searchlight called for the banning from sale of Green Anarchist describing it as "trash." [30] It was the very appearance of an article by Hill in Green Anarchist that first alerted me to the fact a state operation was underway. [31] Nor can Gable escape responsibility for Hepple's actions [32] yet absurd attempts to pretend Hepple was deranged/acting on his own have the effect of letting Searchlight off the hook, as perhaps they are intended to do.

Hepple offered Green Anarchist arms and high-tech communications facilities, and gave them lists of fascist names and addresses (many wildly inaccurate) to print and distribute as their own work. The reasoning for doing so was the gross fiction that "the BNP have published the membership lists of Class War and Red Action." [33] This was a blatant lie, but Leftists receiving these lists, and then acting on them, wouldn't have known that. And once the BNP/C18 or whoever got wind of the Left attacking their members (and others) using these lists, then they would have undertaken retaliatory action and so on (just like in the 1970's). When Green Anarchist didn't fall for this ploy (due in large measure to my intervention) Searchlight or MI5 directly passed the same lists to another anarchist (Tim Scargill) who did print them. After Scargill (an ex-fascist) had fallen unwittingly for the state bait, Searchlight acted in exactly the way I had predicted, stating "Scargill has all the hallmarks of a sloppy nazi infiltrator... or a state agent provocateur. His circulation of what he claims to be lists of C18 members could lead to undisciplined elements in the anti-fascist movement carrying out attacks on individuals – which might suit both the fascists and the authorities. Searchlight has examined some of the lists and found them ludicrously inaccurate, to the extent they can only be deliberately false." [34] Sadly for them, Hepple had admitted in writing his own involvement in the lists production and Searchlight's knowledge of this. To date, there has been no satisfactory attempt by Searchlight to explain his activities, which also included setting up a UK newspaper for a branch of the US-run 'Church of the Creator' and weapons/street warfare training, as well as highly suspect foreknowledge of the contents of fascist hit-lists (which did feature Class War and Red Action) months before they were produced. Since its publication in November 1993, they have never dared refer to my second (definitive) publication on Hepple 'At War With The Truth' whether by name or otherwise. That Searchlight have been able to get away with this suppression of a major scandal is a testimony to their agenda setting power: even Leftist Labour MPs are just not interested.